Mount Alexander Women’s Sports Club aspire to create a community where women and gender diverse people play, live, compete and dream free of gender constraints. To us, sport is a gateway to the wider society, and we actively work towards a community where equality is realised for all women and diverse people.



Our Mission is to create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment where women and gender diverse people thrive through sport, on and off the field. The Mount Alexander Falcons pride ourselves on providing opportunities for developing skills, strength and stamina; confidence and leadership; and comradery and friendship. We are our own role models and take this belief with us to the wider community.




We encourage equality, diversity, inclusion, and fairness.


We provide the opportunity for women and gender diverse people to be proud, strong and support each other to be the best that we can be. 


We use sport to develop skills, push personal limits, work together as a team, build confidence, and expand friendship circles – while always having fun. 



  1. Create a safe, empowering culture and environment for women and gender diverse people to participate and thrive.

  2. Create a strong and recognisable club culture that is welcoming to all women and gender diverse people.

  3. Lead by example through embedding the Club values into everything we do.

  4. Continue to grow a sustainable and resilient Club with a diverse membership and committee that reflects our wider community​.



The purposes of the club are:

  1. to promote and encourage the development and participation of women and gender diverse people in sport in both on-field and off-field roles;

  2. to promote awareness and encourage the games of Australian Rules Football to women and gender diverse people;

  3. to provide women and gender diverse people with the opportunity to participate in Australian Rules Football as players, coaches, committee members, volunteers and officials;

  4. to promote the development of skills and fitness relevant to Australian Rules Football;

  5. to promote friendly sporting behaviour as outlined in the Victorian State Government’s Fair Play Code;

  6. to assist other organisations in the promotion, encouragement and organisation of women's Australian Rules Football;

  7. to provide women and gender diverse people with the opportunity to participate in the organisation, development and management of a sporting club; and

  8. to provide a friendly and harmonious environment in the club’s premises and at all the club’s social events.